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Graphic Design from Syria: Sedki Al Imam

Listen to this.

Sedki Al Imam is a young designer from Aleppo. At only 24, Sedki’s designs have proven that talent knows no age. Apart from being tremendously cute, Sedki’s designs have been pressing on timely socio-economic issues of Aleppo [specifically]. He is still forming his online presence, but I am more than happy that Syria’s talented bunch are finally joining the interweb.

During the past few months, Aleppo’s conditions have deteriorated. Sedki addresses these conditions in a very subtle matter. Seeing his designs on my Facebook timeline has ached me. The Aleppo I see in his designs is not the same one I visited a while back. It is the remains of a city ever so great.

His designs are humorous and carry a rather distinctive local virtual scent. He has a design studio and could possibly be your designer on your next big project. For more information, check here.

I usually take more time introducing Syrian artists, but I believe Sedki’s work says more than enough.

For this post, I specifically chose designs that reflect on the Syrian situation and how he deals with it. But Sedki, as I understood from what he told me, is more interested in culture and arts. His stance is apolitical.

His designs:

“Silence.. For you, for Syria.”

“Today’s game: Search for bread.”

In reference to the national Anthem of Palestine:

“Give me a tank of oil and throw me in the ocean”

“I miss you.”

“Opposition or supporter: Listen.”

My favourites from his work:

Syrian Dictionary 2011 – 2012

“My Syria is crying”

“My city is exploding [being bombed]” With reference to current conditions in Aleppo

“Let the war begin” | Inspired from Zimo’s new album “Ana Insan.”

Displaying Aleppo landmarks and major artists. “Aleppo”

For more designs from Sedki, you can like his page, and follow him on Tumblr or Deviantart.

Note: All images used in this post are the intellectual property of Sedki Al Imam.

This post is third in Syrian Revolutionary Art series. 

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  • Mohanad Ghashim


  • Shirin

    He is indeed a great and talented graphic designer , hopefully a famous one around the world in the future!
    We all have great faith in him and his work :)

  • Suzi

    Yes he sure is a great designer and we are so proud of him! 😀

  • Mohamed aboghode

    Sedki is the BEST..!!

  • Ayham Shami Abo Hantam

    Ya he is the Best…

  • Raghad


  • Youssef Diri

    sa7 3aleek sadoo2 gr8 effort .. respect! :):)

  • Harout Ekmanian

    Proud of you my Sedki… all the best to you my friend!

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